“Nofollow” Stigma and the “Dofollow” Myth

Since the introduction of the “nofollow” attribute a stigma has developed that links from “nofollow” blogs are useless. As a result the myth of the “dofollow” Blog has emerged. Unfortunately there is a community of SEO experts that still believe “nofollow” links have no value when in fact the opposite is true. This article attempts to correct this assumption and discusses the benefits of having links acquired from “nofollow” blogs.

Occasionally you will find an authentic and perhaps even ethical “dofollow” blog that isn’t littered with ads. The problem is you are not the first to find it. In fact several hundred people have already discovered this blog before you and have already taken full advantage of the fact it is “dofollow”. As a result most of the posts are already saturated with dozens of non-related links. Any PageRank associated is divided by the total number of outbound links giving each individual link almost no link juice. Even a blog with a high PR value when saturated with a copious amount of links will result in each link having little if any value.

Another challenge of “dofollow” blog links is that they are usually not relevant to the theme of your site and most search engines view these types of blogs as a “link pages” which further reduces their value. If a site has numerous non related links it raises a red flag for most search engines. Search engines can easily identify link pages and a link from such sources will do very little for your site except raise suspicion.

SEO experts know that a healthy link profile is an essential component of optimization. “Dofollow” blogs risk damaging your sites reputation and taint your link profile. A better approach is to invest your time posting comments on relevant blogs that are industry specific. PageRank might not be transferred through these links but they will still help build a healthy link profile. An example of this is an SEO expert that relies heavily on directory submission to acquire inbound links. Links acquired from one source appear inorganic. Blog commenting is a way of increasing link diversity helping optimized sites appear more organic.

There are no shortcuts in the SEO world. SEO experts that search for loopholes such as the “dofollow” myth find themselves wasting valuable time that could have been invested building an organic link portfolio. Links from “nofollow” blogs are an essential component of an organic link profile. Links form “dofollow” blogs should be avoided as they are usually of poor quality and come from dodgy websites.

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