No One Likes a Copycat Especially Search Engines

Content writing is one of the most challenging aspects of building a well optimized site. Most often SEO experts have to outsource this component to professional content writers. Unfortunately outsourcing costs money and sometimes unethical developers steal your content and claim it as their own. Duplicate content is frowned upon by search engines and can result in both parties being penalized. This article discusses how you can avoid your content from being plagiarised and how to avoid duplicate content using Copyscape.

Copyscape is an online plagiarism service for website owners that want to protect their content from being stolen. If your site contains duplicate content it will be penalized by search engines. No one can be certain the extent to which a site containing duplicate content will be penalized but one could assume that the longer duplicate content is present on your site the greater the penalty would be. Search engines function primarily to provide original content to users. If search engines didn’t penalize for duplicate content we could end up in a situation in which a search query is performed and the results generated yield multiple website with the same content. This would be extremely annoying and result in a poor user experience.

Copyscape can also help prevent content writers from accidently stealing small pieces of content from the sources they reference. Content writers don’t possess enough industry knowledge to write content without having to do some research and referencing different sources. In the process content writers sometimes borrow thoughts and ideas originate from someone else. In doing so they must be careful to only extrapolate concepts and translate them into their own words. Using Copyscape to check the content they write can help them prevent duplicate content.

No one likes a copycat especially search engines. Fortunately there are services we can use to prevent plagiarism from occurring. Copyscape can be used to check if your content has been plagiarised. It is also a useful tool that prevents content writers from accidently duplicating content. Copyscape can also be used to prevent plagiarism and provides free warning badges that can be placed on your site to deter someone from stealing your content.

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