Adwords Management

Adwords Management for only $100 a Month

The fastest and easiest way to advertise online is through pay per click (PPC) advertising. In Canada 90% of search queries are performed using Google. As a result it is recommended that those new to PPC advertising begin with Adwords before considering any other search engine or other form of PPC advertising. In addition to search marketing, Google’s content network reaches more than 80% of all global internet users and serves more than 6 billion ad impressions every day across hundreds of thousands of websites. There is no limit to the amount of traffic Google Adwords can drive to your company’s website.

Our Adwords Management includes:

  • Competition analysis of 10 top online competitors
  • Keyword research using Google Adwords Keyword Tool
  • Set up a successful Google Adwords campaign.
  • Group keyword based on theme.
  • Bi-weekly creation of new ads (split testing)
  • Installation of Google analytics and conversion tracking
  • Bi-weekly reports and analysis of results

The cost of our Adwords Management is:

  • 3 month package $300 CAN
  • 6 month package $500 CAN (1 month free)
  • 9 month package $700 CAN (2 months free)

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